Flowers, Artists, and DNA

The best these materials could form on their own is mud!

They are like the canvas, paint, and brush which lie helpless until picked up by the hands of an artist with the ability to use these materials to create a physical image of the mental image in his/her mind. 

So, is DNA like the artist?  Not really, because whereas the artist has a conscious mind, DNA is a chemical molecule made of similar elements as air, dirt and water.  It differs from these, however, in that DNA contains the master plans to construct a daffodil plant from these raw materials.  

paint by numbers.jpg

Dirt, air, water, DNA – which is the

most important in the making of a daffodil?

This is similar to looking at a painting and listing all the factors involved in its creation -canvas, paint, brushes, artist, and asking which is the most important. The other factors are all materials which are essential, but do not belong in the same category as “artist”.  Even if the artist was unknown, we would not for a second consider whether the canvas, paint and brush were alone responsible for the creation of the painting.  In a similar fashion dirt, air and water are materials which contain everything within a flower, but do not belong in the same class as DNA.  Why?  The best these materials could form on their own is mud. 

Canvas, Paint, Brush, Artist

Canvas, Paint, Brush, Artist

Then, what can we liken DNA to?  DNA, whether of a flower, hummingbird or whale is more like the paint by numbers template which a master painter has prepared so that an unskilled painter can produce the masterpiece which is in the master painter’s mind.  The DNA is not the artist, but the master plans left by the artist that are able to miraculously direct and assemble raw materials into living things. 

I want to leave you with a thought – the information within DNA found in all living things is not the result of non-conscious processes, but the template left by a master artist in order to bring about the masterpieces He had envisioned.